Oasis Waterpark & Fun Center
Oasis Waterpark & Fun Center
7877 Milwaukee Avenue
Niles, IL 60714


Purchase a Pool Pass- You will need a printed pool pass to enter the pool, and those will be available for purchase at the Howard Leisure Center, 6676 W. Howard. The business hours for pool passes is Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm.


  • Zero depth pool
  • Children’s splash pad
  • 3 slides
  • Diving boards
  • Concessions
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Room rental


June 12-August 15

 Pool Pass Holders  Mon-Sun  10:00-11:00 am
 Open Swim  Mon-Sun  11:00 am-8:00 pm


August 16-29

 Open Swim  Mon-Fri  4:00-8:00 pm
   Sat & Sun  11:00 am-6:00 pm

August 30-September 6

 Open Swim  Mon-Fri  4:00-8:00 pm
   Sat & Sun  11:00 am-6:00 pm
   Labor Day  11:00 am-6:00 pm

* Hours are subject to change due to staff size & weather.


Pool Pass Form

 INDIVIDUAL  $100  $135
 FAMILY OF 2  $143  $205
 FAMILY OF 3  $194  $276
 FAMILY OF 4  $240  $330
 FAMILY OF 5  $275  $360
 EACH ADDT'L*  $45  $55
 SENIOR (62+)**  $75  $105
 2 SENIORS  $112  $152

Famly members are defined as parents and their non-adult children (21 & under) residing in the same household.
* 3 years & older
** Senior rate is per person
Refunds will not be granted for pool passes.
Proof of Niles residency must be presented per adult person to receive resident rates!



   Res  Non-Res
 Youth (3-12)  $8  $12
 Adult  $10  $15
 Senior (62+)  $8  $14

Daily admissions will not be credited towards purchase of a pool pass.
Proof of Niles residency must be presented per adult person to receive resident rates!

OASIS POOL RULES & GUIDELINES (effective June 12, 2021)

Pool Face Covering Requirement: Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a face covering while visiting the pool.  Fully vaccinated means any individual that is 14 days past a full course of FDA approved COVID-19 vaccination.  By visiting the Oasis pool and not wearing a face covering you are truthfully verifying that you are fully vaccinated.

Children over 2 and under 12 will be required to wear a mask while not engaged in swimming/water activities.  Staff will be wearing a face covering when on the pool deck and interacting with patrons.


These guidelines are a combination of Niles Park District rules and those required by the Department of Health.  They are enforced for the health and safety of our pool patrons.

Lockers:  Coin operated lockers are available at Oasis Waterpark for a cost of $.25.  The use of lockers is encouraged.  Niles Park District does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged articles.

Health & Safety

  • Lifeguards are here to insure the safety of pool patrons, enforce rules, and respond in case of emergencies.  All comments and suggestions should be directed to the pool office.  In addition parents are responsible to know the whereabouts of their children and to keep children 4 and under within arms reach.
  • Games that promote prolonged breath holding/false distress are not allowed to be played within the facility.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the locker rooms, on deck/grass area, and in the concession area.
  • Every person must shower before entering the pool deck during open swim hours.
  • Individuals with disabilities needing wheelchairs on deck or floatation device the water will be accommodated.

Age Restrictions

  • Children of the opposite sex and over the age of 5 are not permitted in the locker rooms.  Please use the family locker rooms.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years & over).
  • Childen two and under are free and must wear tight-fitting plastic pants and/or swim diapers.

Attire & Equipment

  • In order to swim, every person must wear a swimsuit with lining.  Street clothes, cutoffs, mesh shrts, underwear, thongs, inappropriate swim suits and shoes may not be worn in the water.  Sun hats, sunglasses, clean t-shirts, towels, and reading material are allowed in the pool area.  Proper swim attire for all patrons, both child and adult is required on the pool deck.  A determination of what is proper swim wear is at the manager's discretion.
  • Children who are not potty-trained must wear tightly fitted rubber pants or swim diapers in the pool.
  • Regular diapers are not allowed in the pool.
  • Strollers are prohibited on deck.  Baby carriers and car seats are allowed.
  • Life jackets, rafts, inflatable swimming devices, snorkles, kickboards, and noodles of any kind are not allowed during open swim.  Diving rings, soft balls, and toys are allowed at the discretion of the management staff.  Even approved items may be removed from the water if attendance does not permit safe conditions.
  • In order to use the diving board, swimmers muste able to safetly swim independently from the board to the side of the pool.  Swimmers maybe subject to a swim test.
  • You must be at least 48" tall in order to ride two of our slides.  You must be under 48" to use the spray pad.  No adults are allowed on Spray Pad features.


  • Absolutely no glass containers or coolers of any kind allowed.  Outside food and/or beverages are prohibited.  Concession stand is available.  We ask that all guests wishing to bring food, please leave it outside the facility and utilize our picnic area outside the facility.  Re-entry will be granted with either a receipt or a hand-stamp obtained by the attendant on the way out.  Public water fountains will be closed.


  • Season passes are issued to a specific person and may not be transferred.

Additional pool rules and regulations may be enforced or waived by management when appropriate.


Pool Party reservations will not be taken this season.


Party fee includes:

  • Admission to Oasis Fun Center, including spray pad, drop slide, water slide and diving boards.
  • Use of Oasis Fun Center room for 2 hours.
  • Lunch (Pizza or hot dog, chips and soda)
  • Park District staff member to help your party run smoothly.

Time:  Parties available during open swim hours
Fee With Food:
Res $290 for 15 guests ($10 each additional)
Non-Res $340 for 15 guests ($10 each additional)
Fee Without Food:
Res $250 for 15 guests ($8 each additional)
Non-Res $300 for 15 guests ($8 each additional)

Due to COVID-19 our facilities are not being rented out.

Searching for a great place to have your next family event or meeting? Niles Park District offers the following facilities. Please note that alcohol is prohibited in all park district facilities.


Room Rental Oasis Fun Center
Click to view larger image

Oasis Fun Center
7877 Milwaukee Avenue

  • Available all year round
  • Fee includes room set up and availability for 6 hours
  • Fee: $200 and $5 per person
  • $200 deposit required at time of booking
  • Call 847-967-6633 for reservations
  • Summer Swim Option: Additional $5.00 per person


Click to view larger image

Pioneer Park Field House
7135 N. Harlem Avenue

  • Available April to October
  • Adjacent to Mini Golf and Batting Cages
  • Capacity of 35 people
  • Tables and chairs included
  • Restrooms
  • Fee: Res $75, Non-Res $125 per hour
  • Call 847-583-2746 (April 10-October 24), or 847-583-2714 for reservations.


Birthday Party Packages >


Niles Park District is excited to offer our Learn to Swim lesson program.  This program is designed for children of all ages and abilities.  Students work toward the development of five core swim competencies.  As they progress, they will be one step closer in becoming a profecient swimmer.  The levels are used to divide students into broad ability groups.  Children progress at individual rates with the opportunity to learn the core swimming skills and progress to advanced strokes.  Learning is self-paced but challenging.  Please read the level descriptions and sign up your student for the lowest level that teaches the skill your child needs assistance in.  Make up lessons will be offered on Friday's at the same time.

Please have your child come with a swimsuit, towel, goggles, and a swim diaper if necessary.  The swim lesson coordinator holds the right to switch swimmers into the appropriate level if they do not meet the pre-requisite skills.  Class sizes are limited.

LEVEL 1- Ages 5 & Up

Pre-requisite: None, ratio 1:6.  This level is designed to adjust children to the water.  This level will create a safe and fun environment for students to feel comfortable and excited to be in the water.  Skills taught include:  Bubbles, bobs, submerge face in water, safe water entry & exit and water safety.  If the student is afraid of water, can not swim at all, and will not get their face wet, sign up for this level.

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR 
 311001-01  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69
 311001-02  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69
 311001-03  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69
 311001-04  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69
 311001-05  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69
 311001-06  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69


LEVEL 2- Ages 5 & Up

Pre-requisite: Pass Level 1, ratio 1:6.  This level is designed to teach the front and back float with and without support.  If the student can not swim without support but loves the water, will get their face wet, and will jump in, sign up for this level.

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 311002-01  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311002-02  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69
 311002-03  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311002-04  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69
 311002-05  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311002-06  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69


LEVEL 3- Ages 5 & Up

Pre-requisite: Pass Level 2, ratio 1:6.  This class is designed to teach forward movement and direction change.  The flutter kick combined with front and back floats will be perfected.  Front crawl and back stroke arm movements and rotary breathing will be introduced.  If the student can swim under water or on the surface, can get the occassional breath, and is not afraid, sign up for this level. 

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 311003-01  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69
 311003-02  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69
 311003-03  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69

LEVEL 4- Ages 6 & Up

Pre-requisite: Pass Level 3, ratio 1:6.  This class is designed to teach body rotation and arm movements for the front crawl and back stroke.  This level will continue to combine floating, kicking, arm movements and breathing.  Elementary back stroke will be introduced.  On the completion of level 4 students will be able to swim the width of the pool.  The beginning techniques of treading water will also be introduced.  If the student can independently maintain a front and back float for 10 seconds, has the basic arm and head rotation, and can tread water for at least 15 seconds, sign up for this level.

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 311004-01  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311004-02  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311004-03  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69


LEVEL 5- Ages 6 & Up

Pre-requisite: Pass Level 4, ratio 1:6.  This class is designed to integrate body movement and begin stroke development.  Rotary breathing will be refined and students will begin to swim front crawl and back stroke the length of the pool.  The beginning techniques of diving and breaststrokes will also be introduced.  If the student can swim front crawl and back stroke for the width of the pool, sign them up for this level.

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 311005-01  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  8:00-8:30 am   $55/$69
 311005-02  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69
 311005-03  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  8:00-8:30 am  $55/$69



Pre-requisite: none, ratio 1:4.  This class is designed to meet the needs of preschoolers.  This class will develop a high comfort in the water, a readiness to swim, and for those children developmentally ready, teach beginning swim skills.  This class will provide a variety of ways to have fun in the water through games and songs while in a safe environment.

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 311009-01  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311009-02  Mon-Thurs  June 14-24  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69
 311009-03  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311009-04  Mon-Thurs  June 28-July 8  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69
 311009-05  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  8:30-9:00 am  $55/$69
 311009-06  Mon-Thurs  July 12-22  9:00-9:30 am  $55/$69



Looking for a full body workout that's high energy and low impact?  Well look no further, this varying water level class accommodates all abilities, with plenty of adaptations for all that need them.  Class will change day to day and week to week and will incorporate disciplines like aqua pilates, aqua yoga, aqua zumba, aqua cardio, aqua Hitt, aqua tabata, aqua kick boxing. So get yourself ready for a splashing good time.  Water bottles and aqua shoes are highly encouraged.

 311011-01  M, T, W  June 14-23  8:00-8:45 am  $40/$50
 311011-02  M, T, W  June 14-23  9:00-9:45 am  $40/$50
 311011-03  M, T, W  June 28-July 7  8:00-8:45 am  $40/$50
 311011-04  M, T, W  June 28-July 7  9:00-9:45 am  $40/$50
 311011-05  M, T, W  July 12-21  8:00-8:45 am  $40/$50
 311011-06  M, T, W  July 12-21  9:00-9:45 am  $40/$50


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