Outdoor pickleball courts at Kirk Lane Park!

Limited indoor Pickleball court availability from April 4-September 30.  Courts will be open based on weather and court availability.  Hours are subject to change.  No equipment provided.

Golf View Rec Center, 7800 Caldwell Ave.
Monday-Friday:  7:00 am-3:00 pm

LoVerde Sports & Rec Center, 7847 Caldwell Ave.
Monday-Friday:  9:30 am-3:00 pm


1) Daily Open Court Rate:  $6 per person

2) 10 Play Open Court Punch Card:  $40 (No expiration. Purchase card at the Howard Leisure Center)
                                                              1 punch per card, per day

3) Court Reservation Rate:  $20 per court, per hour (At Golf View only. Limit 5 players per court)

  • Reserve up to 2 hours of play
  • Reserve your court up to 1 week in advance
  • Call Golf View Rec Center at 847-967-1529 to reserve court