George VanGeem

George VanGeem


With experience in public and private sector finance, George Van Geem brings a unique perspective to the Niles Park District Board of Commissioners.

Now retired, George worked at the Village of Niles for 20 years: first as Finance Director, and then as Village Manager.  During that time, he guarded the taxpayers' dollars while working to maximize service and program efficiency.  Before Niles, he served as a Village Trustee for Mount Prospect, and in public and corporate finance.

George and his family are active in the park district's programs.  Not only is he a frequent pickleball player at Kirk Lane Park but his family has enjoyed golf, concerts, swimming and youth sports through the years.

"I am a huge supporter of the mission of this park district," George says.  "We strive to provide the best in recreation and facilities at a reasonable cost.  And I think we do a great job of accomplishing that mission."

As a long-time resident, he appreciates the importance of a well-run park district.  "You need a good park system for quality of life," he says.  "It's the kind of thing you might not notice in the moment, but it's critical to the fabric of a community."

George approaches his role as Commissioner with an eye to serving.  "If they need me to look at finance issues, I'm there.  If they need someone to serve hot dogs, I'm there," he says.  "Whatever is needed, I'm here to help."