Preschool 7

Programs - Fall

Bring your playing partners to play the sport that combines badminton, tennis and ping pong!  Open gym format, no reservations.

9:00 am-1:00 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
$6.00 per person

Location:  Golf View Rec Center, 7800 N. Caldwell Ave

Shotokan Karate Classes

Register at Niles Park District for karate classes. Classes are taught by instructors of the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club, under the direction of John DiPasquale, four-time National Champion, former U.S. Karate National Coach and President of the National Karate Federation of the U.S.

Uniform and belt testing are options available through the ISKC instructor.  Please note that Youth, Parent/Child & Adult classes may train together.  Beginner students will not be permitted to register into the current session after the second class has met.  Registration for continuers through advanced students will be accepted after the start date, but the full class fee is required.  Please visit for more information or call 847-359-0666.
Location:  National Park Fieldhouse, 9325 Marion, Morton Grove

PRE-KARATE (Boys & Girls 4-7 years)

In our Pre-Karate safety classes, young children will develop flexibility, strength, and coordination in fun, yet disciplined activities.  This program, specifically designed to work with growing minds and bodies, enhances memory and agility.  Watch your child's confidence blossom and their skills improve.


Pre-Karate Beginners (No experience)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-01  4-7  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  4:00-4:45 pm  $158/$190


Pre-Karate Continuers (1 or more prior sessions)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-02  4-7  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  4:50-5:35 pm  $158/$190


Intermediate/Advanced (Instructor’s permission)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-03  4-7  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  5:45-6:30 pm  $158/$190


 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-04  4-7  Mon  Sept 10-Dec 17  4:30-5:15 pm  $158/$190




ISKC's Youth Karate classes will put children in touch with their bodies and offers a good mix of strength training, with cardiovascular and flexibility exercises.  Children increase their coordination, agility and poise, as well as learn lasting personal safety skills.  They also benefit from the mental stimulation of learning the choreographed moves of the kata and the discipline of conforming to the class rules.  November 5th classes at PVCC.


Beginner/Continuer (White-Red Belt)

 Code  Age  Day  Date    Time  R/NR
 410602-05  8-14   Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  6:30-7:25 pm  $158/$190 

Beginner-Novice (White-Red Belt)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-06  7-14  Mon   Sept 10-Dec 17  5:20-6:15 pm  $158/$190


Novice/Intermediate (Orange-Blue Belt)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-07  8-14  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  7:30-8:25 pm  $158/$190


Intermediate (Orange-Blue Belt)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410605-11  7-14  Mon  Sept 10-Dec 17  6:20-7:15 pm  $158/$190

Advanced (Green Belt & Up)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-12  7-14  Mon  Sept 10-Dec 17  7:20-8:15 pm  $158/$190


Advanced (Green Belt & Up)

 Code  Age   Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-13  8-14  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  8:30-9:30 pm  $158/$190



ADULT KARATE (15 years & Up)

Our Adult classes release tension, develop total body fitness and build stamina and overall productivity.  In addition to self-defense skills, karate increases flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle tone, while improving strength.

(White-Orange Belt)

 Code  Age   Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-14  15 & Up  Mon  Sept 10-Dec 17  8:20-9:20 pm  $158/$190


Intermediate/Advanced (Yellow Belt & Up)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-15  15 & Up  Mon  Sept 10-Dec 17  8:20-9:50 pm  $206/$287



PARENT/CHILD KARATE (Boys & Girls 7 years & Up)
An excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your child, while conditioning muscles, developing coordination, and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Beginner/Continuer (White-Red Belt)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-08  7 & Up  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  6:30-7:25 pm  $158/$190 each


Novice/Intermediate (Orange-Blue Belt)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-09  7 & Up  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  7:30-8:25 pm  $158/$190 each


Advanced (Green Belt & Up)

 Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410602-10  7 & Up  Wed  Sept 5-Dec 12  8:30-9:30 pm  $158/$190 each



Fall Rookie Ball
Boys & Girls Ages 5-7 years

Is your child too old for T-ball but not quite old enough for the Fall Niles Baseball League? That is not a problem with our instructional Rookie Ball League. Your son or daughter will get to learn the fundamentals of the game while having a blast! All participants will receive a t-shirt and hat. Registration deadline is August 27.
Location:  Culver Field

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420307-02  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 13  11:00 am-4:00 pm  $72/$90

Piano & Guitar Lessons!

Piano Lessons

Ages 5-Adult

Niles Park District offers private piano lessons.  Lessons are 30 minutes long and you will receive 14 lessons. Children and adults with all levels of experience are welcome and no prior instruction in piano or music is required.  In addition students may need to purchase their own instruction books and music.


Lessons will focus on the fundamentals of technique, music theory, and good practice habits. Practice time may also be arranged through the park district for a minimal fee. Call (847) 967-6633 to reserve a time or for additional information.  Refunds will not be granted for missed lessons.  No lessons 10/31, 11/12, 11/22, 11/23.  Fee is based on 14 lessons, 30 minutes in length.
Location:  Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410113-01  Mon  Sept 10-Dec 17  3:00-9:00 pm  $300/$358
 410113-02   Tues   Sept 4-Dec 4   2:45-9:00 pm   $300/$358 
 410113-03   Wed   Sept 5-Dec 12   3:00-9:00 pm   $300/$358 
 410113-04   Thurs   Sept 6-Dec 13   3:00-9:00 pm   $300/$358 
 410113-05   Fri   Sept 7-Dec 14   2:30-5:00 pm   $300/$358 
 410113-06   Sat   Sept 8-Dec 8   9:00 am-Noon    $300/$358 

:  Vicky Ostwald has a degree in piano and also studied piano pedagogy at the graduate level.  She has many years of playing and teaching experience, including formerly teaching at the college level.  Vicky enjoys working with all levels and all kinds of students, especially children but also adults, including those with special needs.  If you have a special interest such as learning to play by ear, this can be incorporated into the lesson time.  She looks forward to meeting you and your child!

  Tom Slater has been playing music and studying the piano for over 30 years.  He studied at Cleveland State University and has a background in classical, jazz and pop music.  He is currently a muilti-instrumentalist in several local bands and he has been featured on the WGN Morning News, WXRT and NPR.  Tom's main goals are to help his students develop and maintain good practice habits, learn music theory, and get the most enjoyment you can from playing music.

INSTRUCTOR, JEANNE HANLINE:  Jeanne Hanine has studied music and given private lessons for over 35 years ficusing on teaching children and adults to read music and enjoy the accomplishment of sitting down to play this amazing instrument.  Teaching traditional methods of classical and popular music are the results she hopes to acheive for her students.  She has played various venues for private affairs and church functions.  Patience, practice and enjoyment are the main goals.

Guitar Lessons
Ages 5-Adult

Niles Park District is proud to offer youth and adult Guitar lessons, for all abilities! Our instructor, Zac Coleman is an experienced, professional musician, motivated about staying up-to-date with the best teaching practices and sharing the art of playing Guitar. Zac Coleman has been teaching music to all ages for the past 7 years. He has taught lessons in guitar, piano, violin, percussion, songwriting and music theory. Currently finishing his degree in music education from Northeastern Illinois University, he has played with several rock, folk, alternative, and bluegrass bands in the Chicagoland area.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist we can provide the best lesson for you! You will need to bring your own guitar. Lessons are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays with varying times. Please call 847-967-6633 to schedule a lesson time.  All lessons are private and 30 minutes in length. Make-up classes for guitar lessons take place only in the event of Park District cancellations.  No class November 22.
Location:  Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410107-01  Tues  Sept 11-Dec 11  3:30-7:30 pm  $300/$358
 410107-02  Thurs  Sept 13-Dec 20  3:30-7:30 pm  $300/$358








Magic Workshop
Ages 5-12

Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the “Magic Team of Gary Kantor”! Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading, and more. All materials are provided, and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and always learn new tricks that are age-appropriate. Instructor- Magic Team of Gary Kantor

Location: Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410604-01  Tues  Oct 16  6:45-7:40 pm  $20/$25
 410604-02  Tues  Dec 4  5:00-5:55 pm  $20/$25

Soccer Program Sponsored By:  DiFranco Orthodontics

If you have questions on our soccer programs, please contact Jeff Halsema, Soccer Director,  


Boys & Girls Grade Pre K-8
The program is designed to provide a fun and safe environment, teach the game of soccer, promote social interaction and team team concepts.  Soccer develops individual skills and teamwork and is vigorous and continous exercise for the young athlete.  Uniform will be $15.00.  Universal reversible jerseys will be used for all NPD Soccer Leagues year round.  The participant must purchase soccer spikes and leg guards.  This league is for recreational soccer players.  Club players should not register.  We are always looking for volunteer coaches.  Registration deadline is Wednesday August 15.
Location:  To be determined

Co-Ed Tiny Tot Soccer (Pre K)

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420301-05  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 27  AM/PM  $77/$98

Co-Ed Tot (Kindergarten)

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420301-01  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 27  Afternoons  $77/$98

Co-Ed Small Fry Soccer (Grade 1 & 2)

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420301-02  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 27  Afternoons  $77/$98

Co-Ed Big Shot Soccer (Grade 3 & 4)

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420301-03  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 27  Afternoons  $77/$98

Co-Ed JV Soccer (Grade 5 & 6)

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420301-04  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 27  Afternoons  $77/$98

Co-Ed Varsity (Grade 7 & 8)

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420301-06  Sat  Sept 8-Oct 27  Afternoons  $77/$98

Boys & Girls Ages 2-14
The basics of soccer will be covered throughout this 4 week program.  Basic soccer skills will be covered in these soccer academies and above all, how to have fun while becoming a passionate soccer player.  All players are encouraged to participate as Coach Halsema will make sure you are challenged according to your current skill level.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Level  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420315-01  Pre  2  Wed  Oct 3-24  10:00-10:30a
 420315-02  Level 1  3-4  Wed  Oct 3-24  10:30-11:00a
 420315-03  Level 2   5-6  Sun  Oct 7-28  Noon-12:45p  $55/$70
 420315-04  Level 3  7-8  Sun  Oct 7-28  1:00-1:45p  $55/$70
 420315-05  Level 4  9-10  Sun  Oct 7-28  2:00-3:00p  $55/$70
 420315-06  Level 5  11-14  Sun  Oct 7-28  3:00-4:00p  $55/$70

Boys & Girls Ages 6-18
On Sunday, November 25th we will offer our 1st Annual Turkey Day Classic 4v4 soccer tournament. Games will be played on a 32 x 25 yard field with a 4 x 6 goal. No goalies. Games will be 20 minutes in length with a running clock. Maximum roster size is 6 players. We will have a 3 game guarantee with playoffs. Age restrictions will be based on USSF age restrictions. Age divisions will be put together based on birth year. Copies of birth certificates will be needed with team registration/roster. Teams will not be allowed to play without registration, copy of birth certificates, and team roster. Teams will need to provide uniforms. Pullovers will be supplied if needed. 
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Age  Birth Yr  Day  Date  Time  Fee
 420316-01  U7  2012  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150
 420316-02  U8  2011  Sun  Nov 25   TBD  $150 
 420316-03  U9  2010  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-04  U10  2009  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-05  U11  2008  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-06  U12  2007  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-07  U13  2006  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-08  U14  2005  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-09  U15  2004  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-10  U16  2003  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-11  U17  2002  Sun  Nov 25  TBD  $150 
 420316-12  U18  2001  Sun  Nov 25  TBd  $150 

Boys & Girls Ages 8-14
In this 4 week class, we will teach each participant the basics of playing the goalkeeper position in soccer.  Getting to roll around on the ground and keep the ball out of the goal is the best part of being a goalkeeper.  This class will be inside at the LoVerde Center so long pants and long sleeves are recommended.  Level 2 must complete Level 1 or have pre-approval to enroll.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Level  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 420315-07  Level 1  Thurs  Oct 4-25  4:30-5:30 pm  $95/$119
 420315-08  Level 2  Thurs  Oct 4-25  5:30-6:30 pm  $95/$119

INDOOR SOCCER ~ 2 Sessions
Boys & Girls Grades Pre K-8th
Indoor Soccer is played at the LoVerde Sports and Recreation Center. Tiny Tots, Small Fry, and Big Shots will play on micro fields with either 4v4 or 5v5 games. This form of soccer causes more touches of the ball by the players (passes, dribbles, shots) and guarantees fun, skill development, and a fundamental knowledge of the game. JV and Varsity will play full field games with either 7v7 or 8v8 to continue the development for moving into outdoor 11v11 matches.  Universal Niles Park District uniform will be used for Indoor Soccer season. Uniform will be an additional $15.00.  Universal reversible jerseys will be used for all NPD Soccer Leagues year round.  You can purchase NPD soccer uniform at the LoVerde Sports & Recreation Center.  It is each player’s responsibility to supply their own shin guards and gym shoes.

SESSION 1:  November 10-January 5
* Early Bird Registration through October 17
* Regular Registration pricing after October 17
* Registration will not be accepted after October 21
* No games November 24
* Times TBD

Tiny Tots (Pre-K)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR after 10/17
 420301-08  Sat  Nov 10-Jan 5  $77/$98  $96/$120 

Tots (Kindergarten)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR after 10/17
 420301-09  Sat  Nov 10-Jan 5  $77/$98  $96/$120 

Small Fry (Grade 1 & 2)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR after 10/17
 420301-10  Sat  Nov 10-Jan 5  $77/$98  $96/$120 

Big Shots (Grade 3 & 4)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR after 10/17
 420301-11  Sat  Nov 10-Jan 5  $77/$98  $96/$120

JV (Grade 5 & 6)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR after 10/17
 420301-12  Sat  Nov 10-Jan 5  $77/$98  $96/$120 

Varsity (Grade 7 & 8)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR after 10/17
 420301-13  Sat  Nov 10-Jan 5  $77/$98  $96/$120

Session 2:  January 26-March 16

* Early Bird Registration through January 2
* Regular Registration pricing after January 2
* Registration will not be accepted after January 9
* Times TBD

**There will be no pracice time allocated for teams during this session due to field availability.**

**You are encouraged to register early for this session as we will cut registration off once our capacity is reached.  We may even need to end registration early if we hit our capacity for the league.**

Tiny Tots (Pre-K)

 Code  Day  Date   R/NR   R/NR (after 01/02) 
 120312-01  Sat   Jan 26-Mar 16   $77/$98  $96/$120

Tots (Kindergarten)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR (after 01/02)
 120312-02  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Small Fry (Grade 1 & 2)

 Code  Day  Date   R/NR  R/NR (after 01/02)
 120312-03  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Big Shots (Grade 3 & 4)

 Code  Day   Date   R/NR   R/NR (after 01/02) 
 120312-04  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

JV (Grade 5 & 6)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR (after 01/02)
 120312-05  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Varsity (Grade 7 & 8)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR (after 01/02)
 120312-06  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

1 v 1 Specialist Series
Boys & Girls Ages 6-High School
This will be a 4 week class that will revolve around developing 1v1 skills for the individual.  1v1 skills are a vital part of the game of soccer.  We will focus on moves and abilities to beat the opponent from head on, the side, and from behind.  We will also implement 1v1 games into this class in order to get players comfortable executing the moves they have learned in game situations.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Age  Code  Level  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 6-8  420315-09  Level 1  Tues  Nov 6-Dec 4  5:00-6:00p  $55/$70
 9-11  420315-10  Level 2  Tues  Nov 6-Dec 4  6:00-7:00p  $55/$70
 12-14  420315-11  Level 3  Thurs  Nov 8-Dec 6  5:00-6:00p  $55/$70
 HS  420315-12  Level 4  Thurs  Nov 8-Dec 6   6:00-7:00p  $55/$70

Holiday Soccer Camp
Boys & Girls Grade 1-8
Participants will get a chance to work on various aspects of the game of soccer, but this camp will focus on the individual's technical ability and incorporating those skills into small-sided games.  We will work on players becoming more comfortable with the ball at their feet in various parts of the game (possession, 1v1, penalty box, etc.).  We will also incorporate speed, agility, and mobility into our technical session to show everyone the different speeds the game can be played at.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

Boys & Girls Grade 1-4

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 120307-01  Wed-Fri  Dec 26-28  9:00 am-Noon  $110/$135
 120307-02  Wed-Fri  Jan 2-4  9:00 am-Noon  $110/$135

Boys & Girls Grade 5-8

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 120307-03  Wed-Fri  Dec 26-28  Noon-3:00 pm  $110/$135
 120307-04  Wed-Fri  Jan 2-4  Noon-3:00 pm  $110/$135

Boys & Girls Grade 2-8

Sponsored by MB Financial Bank.  This is a great program for the beginner as well as the more experienced players. Teams are divided by skill level to assure an equal level of competition and fun times for all. Each team will be scheduled for 10 games. Team conflicts will be allowed. Register by teams or individuals. Niles Park District can place individuals on any team with less than 10 members. Volunteer coaches needed, contact the Athletic Office at (847) 967-1529. Coach Packets are available at all facilities or online at   All players will receive a reversible jersey which must be worn to all games. Registration deadline is September 7.


Locations:  Golf View Rec Center, Grennan Heights & LoVerde Rec Center
Game Times:  Friday 5:30-10:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am-9:00 pm


 Who  Code  Date  R/NR
 Juniors Gr 2 & 3  420305-01  Oct 5-Dec 1  $90/$121
 JV Gr 4 & 5  420305-03  Oct 5-Dec 1  $90/$121
 Varsity Gr 6, 7, 8  420305-05  Oct 5-Dec 1  $90/$121


 Who  Code  Date  R/NR
 Juniors Gr 2 & 3  420305-08  Oct 5-Dec 1  $90/$121
 JV Gr 4 & 5  420305-10  Oct 5-Dec 1  $90/$121
 Varsity Gr 6, 7, 8  420305-12  Oct 5-Dec 1  $90/$121

Boys & Girls Grade K, 1st & 2nd

We are proud to offer this 6-week program where participants will learn dribbling, shooting, defense and offense skills.  Fee includes a t-shirt and basketball.  Gym shoes must be worn to each class.  Classes are limited to 40 kids, so sign up early.  No class December 22 & 29.
Location:  Golf View Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 120301-06  Wed  Sept 12-Oct 17  4:30-5:30 pm  $63/$78
 120301-07  Wed  Sept 12-Oct 17  5:45-6:45 pm  $63/$78
 120301-01  Sat  Dec 1-Jan 19  9:00-10:00 am  $63/$78
 120301-02  Sat  Dec 1-Jan 19  10:15-11:15 am  $63/$78
 120301-03  Sat  Dec 1-Jan 19  11:30 am-12:30 pm  $63/$78


To anyone who is not currently on their high school basketball team and looking to continue playing basketball at a competitive level.  Registration is only done by team.  Divisions may be combined based on enrollment.  Registration deadline is November 16.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center, 7847 Caldwell

 Who  Code  Day  Date  Time  Fee
 Freshman  420302-05  Sun  Nov 25-Feb 3  AM & PM  $500 team
 Sophomore  420302-03  Sun  Nov 25-Feb 3  AM & PM  $500 team
 Varsity  420302-04  Sun  Nov 25-Feb 3  AM & PM  $500 team


Boys & Girls Grade 3-8
Advanced instruction and game-play for boys and girls interested in playing High School and College basketball.  Directed by 3-time NCAA Champion and Hall of Fame coach Gregg Gierke.  Gregg coached men's and women's college basketball for 30 years with 512 wins and 11 conference champions.  No class December 22 & 29.
Location:  Grennan Heights

 Grade  Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 6, 7, 8   120301-04  Sat  Dec 8-Jan 26  8:30-9:30 am  $85/$100
 3, 4, 5  120301-05   Sat   Dec 8-Jan 26   9:45-10:45 am  $85/$100


Boys & Girls 2nd-8th Grade (as of 2018-19 school year)

Sponsored by MB Financial Bank.  This is a great program for the beginner as well as the more experienced players. Teams are divided by skill level to assure an equal level of competition and fun times for all. Each team will be scheduled for 10 games. Team conflicts will be allowed. Register by teams or individuals. Niles Park District can place individuals on any team with less than 10 members. All players will receive a reversible jersey which must be worn to all games.  Volunteer coaches needed, contact the Athletic Office at (847) 967-1529. Coach Packets will be available at all facilities or online at  Registration deadline is December 21.
LOCATION:  Golf View Rec Center, Grennan Heights, LoVerde Rec Center & Surrounding Grade Schools in Niles
GAME TIMES & DATES:  Sat & Sun, February 9-April 14- Between 8:00 am-9:00 pm, Fridays Beginning March 8- Between 5:30-10:00 pm
FEE:  Early Bird through December 21- Res $92, Non-Res $129

After December 21- Res $105, Non-Res $140 (pending Athletic approval)  


 Girls Grade 2  Date
 120302-01  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Girls Grade 3  Date
 120302-02  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Girls Grade 4  Date
 120302-03  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Girls Grade 5  Date
 120302-04  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Girls Grade 6  Date
 120302-05  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Girls Grade 7  Date
 120302-06  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Girls Grade 8  Date
 120302-07  Feb 9-Apr 14


 Boys Grade 2  Date
 120302-08  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Boys Grade 3  Date
 120302-09  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Boys Grade 4  Date
 120302-10  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Boys Grade 5  Date
 120302-11  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Boys Grade 6  Date
 120302-12  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Boys Grade 7  Date
 120302-13  Feb 9-Apr 14
 Boys Grade 8  Date
 120302-14  Feb 9-Apr 14

Important Dates:

* Registration deadline is DECEMBER 21.
* Coach Pick-Up will be the last week of January at Golf View Rec Center.
* Schedule will be final once distributed.
* Coach Packet is due Monday, January 7.  Download from website or pick up at Grennan Heights, Golf View Rec Center or Howard Leisure Center.
* Anyone signing up after Dec 18 will be required to pay a $25 late fee pending Athletic Department approval.




Monster Bash
Families, Ages 6 Months & Up

This special event is perfect for the whole family who want to experience some Halloween fun.  Enjoy a buffet dinner, games, pumpkin decorating, and a Monster good time.  Each child will receive a goodie bag!  Wear your costume and be prepared to move to the music.   All participants must register for this event.  Limited seating, register early!

Location:  Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR per
 412201-02  Fri  October 19  6:30-8:30 pm  $16/$19

IceLand Scary Skate

Kids & Families
Celebrate Halloween at Iceland with on ice games and prizes.  Gift bags to the first 50 children.  Costume judging contest with prizes!
Location:  IceLand, 8435 Ballard

 Day  Date  Time  Fee
 Sun  October 27  12:30-1:45 pm  $6 Per Person
 $4 Skate Rental


Halloween Parade & Party
Children Ages 1-12

Get your costume ready for the annual Halloween Parade and Party. Join us for a bewitching stroll from Oak Park (Main Street & Ottawa) to Grennan Heights.  Once at Grennan Heights there will be ghouly games, ghastly goodies, and spooky surprises! Please register early for this popular event.  Pre registration required.  Registration will not be accepted day of the event.  No refunds!

Location:  Parade at Oak Park, Halloween Party at Grennan Heights

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 412201-01  Sat  October 27  Parade- 9:30 am at Oak Park  
       Party- 10:00 am-Noon at Grennan Heights  $12/$14


Kids Can Cook- Holiday Edition

Ages 8-12
The holidays are here!  Kids will cook and bake their very own Holiday treats!  Join us in the fun this Holiday season.  No class November 22.
Location:  Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 410108-02  Thurs  Nov 15-Dec 13  5:45-7:00 pm  $50/$60

IceLand Santa Skate
Kids & Families

Come out and skate with Santa and his elves to holiday songs.
Location:  IceLand

 Day  Date  Time  Fee
 Sun  December 2  2:30-4:00 pm  $6 Per Person
 $4 Skate Rental



Breakfast with Santa
Families, Ages 6 Months & Up

Join Santa for his annual breakfast buffet with Niles Park District.  Every year, Santa makes a stop at the Howard Leisure Center, to enjoy breakfast, visit, and of course pictures with the children.  Register early, spaces fill up fast!  All adults and children in attendance must register for this event.  No refunds!

Location:  Howard Leisure Center Banquet Room

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 412201-03  Sat  Dec 8  8:30-9:30 am  $12/$14
 412201-04  Sat  Dec 8  10:00-11:00 am  $12/$14
 412201-05  Sat  Dec 8  11:30 am-12:30 pm  $12/$14

Holiday Gingerbread House
Ages 4 & Up
There is no better way to bring in the holiday season than to create your very own gingerbread house!  Candy cane lanes, gum drop roofs and frosting snow drifts will be a part of our creation in this fantastic holiday workshop.  Join us at Niles Park District for pizza dinner, hot cocoa, desserts, music and some decorating fun!  Fee is per couple, all participants must register.  Registration deadline is December 10.
Location:  Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 412201-06  Wed  December 12  6:00-7:00 pm  $25/$30 couple
 $10 Addt'l

Santa Mailbox
Santa’s elves will install a special mailbox at the Howard Leisure Center after Thanksgiving.  Santa will write back to each child who drops off a letter.  Since Santa must have time to pack up his sleigh, he can answer only those letters received by Thursday, December 13, so get your letters in early.  Santa takes care of the postage – there is no charge for this special holiday service.  Don’t forget to include your return address!



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